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Pegs for Pegboard Shelf

Pegs for Pegboard Shelf

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This listing is for hand-cut pine pegs in 4-inch, 6.25-inch, and 8-inch lengths. The diameter of pegs comes in 1-inch or 3/4 inches in diameter.

Please note the 1-inch diameter fits are large 36"x48" pegboard.
Please note the 3/4-inch diameter fits are smaller 24"x36" pegboard.

***They are priced for single-peg purchases and are not sold in a bundle.***

Two or more pegs are required to hold the shelves. Single pegs are great for gym equipment, hanging plants, home decor, holding bags, clothes, etc.

*** If you are buying extra pegs, to go with your pegboard purchase, make sure you are buying the correct length. Our standard pegboards come with 8" pegs but 4" + 6.25" pegs are great for hanging spin bike shoes and all your gear!***

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